Our Story

The founder of Serengeti Skincare was born and raised in Africa, and through the love of this beautiful continent we have embraced the rich oils from Africa’s indigenous species of fauna and wildlife.

Serengeti Skincare offers a unique skincare range that is sure to bring out the natural beauty of your skin.


Natural and Organic

We are dedicated to delivering natural cosmetics, free from all synthetic nastiness, keeping them in their most natural and pure form.

99% of our products are derived from natural origins, with the other 1% being that we have to use a preservative to stop any nasty bacteria that could harm your skin.

We endeavor to use the best natural materials we can find and as many as we can from organic farming.

Environment, Earth & Sustainability

Trees, plants and wildlife are the spirit that make up our Mother Nature, without them man would simply cease to exist.

With the damage to our planet reaching a crisis point, we are dedicated to reducing the impact that our products have on the environment, using ingredients that are derived from natural sources that all sustainably and ethically resourced. Sustainability ensures development takes place in rural communities in Africa, alleviating hunger and poverty whilst ensuring our precious wild African fauna is not stripped bare but ethically harvested and traded fairly.

Free from:

Our products are entirely free from sulphates, parabens, silicones, artificial perfumes & colourants. Seregenti Skincare is also a proud supporter of the fight against microbeads and plastics in any cosmetic products.

Beauty Without Cruelty

We believe that animals need not suffer for our beauty, therefore none of our products are animal tested.